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The Waterproof Computer

Diposting oleh adamgunardi Agustus 14, 2009

This powerful gadget has been created for those people who like camping and have to work on the weekends too. I do like camping very much but I like playing computer games too.

Imagine how cool would it be to combine those two things. Sitting down in the middle of a forest in the nature's heart and playing your favorite computer game at the same time; fantastic. This gadget looks like an old TV from the outside however it is very different inside.

It is specially created to work in difficult environment and it can work no matter what the weather is. This computer is fitted into a waterproof aluminum case that protects it from water, rain, snow etc. If you open the case on one side, the keyboard will be on its other side and you will se the monitor.

It helps protecting the LCD monitor from damaging. The computer itself is a very cool machine. It has a 1 GB of RAM memory, a dual-core processor, and one of the newest motherboards. Besides, the power block is 400 W.

There are also two different types of sizes of display that you can choose from. You can buy a 15.4 in one or a 17 in one. This gadget has also anti vibrating system built in and it means that you can even use it flying on a helicopter. I think that this device would be useful for police, firefighters and other lifesavers.

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